Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should an LLB graduate of one of the universities in HK who completed some of the core courses in an overseas university as an exchange student apply for exemption?

Provided the qualification of the LLB graduate is awarded by the HK institution and
contains the core subjects this will comply with the new eligibility requirements.
Should there be any doubts he is advised to check directly with his awarding
institution in Hong Kong.

  • Will the Exam Board require original transcripts sent directly from the awarding institutions or will a copy be acceptable?

No original copies of qualifications should be sent to the Conversion Examination
Board. Only copies of the originals will be required. All documents submitted will be
retained by the Board therefore an applicant must not send originals of transcripts or

  • When a student passes the exam, what will be done? Will certificates be issued? Will Universities require transcripts to be sent directly from the Exam Board?

The Conversion Examination Board will notify candidates directly. Results Notices
will be issued and candidates can submit these to PCLL providers when applying for
a place on the PCLL. Candidates must ensure that they submit up-to-date contact
details to ensure timely notification of results. Candidates taking the June
examination could also consider authorizing the Conversion Examination Board to
send their results directly to the universities by indicating this on their examination
application forms.

  • Will the Results Notices show any failed subjects?

Yes. However, there will not be any grade classifications. Only Pass or Fail for all
subjects taken will be shown on the Results Notices.

  • Does a student holding Evidence and/or Business Associations need to apply for exemptions?

A student who, on or before 1 September 2006, has successfully completed Business
Associations and/or Evidence on HKU SPACE courses which were recognized for
entry to the PCLL will be exempted from Conversion Examinations in these subjects.
HOWEVER he is still required to apply for formal exemptions through the Conversion
Examination Board.

  • Will exam fees be refunded if a student is sick or has special reason not to attend the exam? If a student is present at the exam, will the Exam Board take special considerations into account with regard to his performance?

No refund will be given where a candidate fails to attend an examination as scheduled.
No special consideration will be given by the Board with regard to factors a ecting
performance in an exam.

  • Can a student appeal his results? If so, will it be charged?

Applications for a recount of marks can be made upon payment of an administration
fee of HK$500 per subject within 4 weeks after the release of examination results.
Applicants who wish to appeal their examination results should submit to us an
Appeal Form (Form C), which is available on our website, together with the
appropriate application fee, within 2 weeks after the release of examination results.

  • Who will be the main contact for enquiries regarding the exams?

All enquiries concerning the Conversion Examinations should be directed to The
Secretary, Conversion Examination Board, c/- PCLL Conversion Examination and
Administration Limited, 34/F United Centre, 95 Queensway, Telephone number 3761
1123 Fax Number 2861 2404, Email address [email protected]

  • Does a student need to pass all examinations at one sitting?

No. A candidate can take any number of examinations at any one session. A
candidate can also take any number of attempts at any examination.

  • Can I take the conversion examinations before I graduate?

Yes, you can take the conversion examinations anytime before your admission to

  • Do the results of conversion examinations have any time limit?

No. The conversion examination results do not have any time limit. However, all
universities operate on a merit based policy, qualifications obtained over 10 years
will not normally be viewed favourably by universities for PCLL admission.

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