Reading List for Hong Kong Legal System

Texts and Materials

  • Ian Dobinson and Derek Roebuck, Introduction to Law in the Hong Kong SAR, 2nd edn, Sweet & Maxwell, Hong Kong, 2001
  •  Peter Wesley-Smith, An Introduction to the Hong Kong Legal System, 3rd edn, Oxford University Press, Hong Kong, 1998
  • (2007) 37 (Special Anniversary Issue) Hong Kong Law Journal (articles by Sir Anthony Mason, the Hon Wong Yan Lung, Denis Chang, Yash Ghai, Johannes Chan, Po Jen Yap, Benny Tai and Wang Zhenmin and Ling Bing)
  • Sir Anthony Mason, ‘The Role of the Common Law in Hong Kong’, in The Common Law Lecture Series 2005 (Faculty of Law, The University of Hong Kong, 2006), pp 1-26
  • James Crawford, ‘Rights in One Country: Hong Kong and China’, Hochelaga Lectures 2004 (Faculty of Law, The University of Hong Kong, 2005)
  • Albert Chen, ‘The Constitution and the Rule of Law’, in S K Lau (ed), The First Tung Chee-hwa Administration (The Chinese University Press, 2002), pp 69-88
  • Albert Chen, ‘Continuity and Change in the Legal System’, in Larry Chow & Yiu-kwan Fan (eds), The Other Hong Kong Report 1998 (The Chinese University Press, 1998), pp 29-48
  • Johannes Chan, ‘A Search for Identity: Legal Development in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region since 1 July 1997”, in Wang Gunwu and John Wong (eds), Hong Kong in China: The Challenges of Transition (Singapore, Times Academic Press, 1999), pp 245-286
  • Johannes Chan, ‘To Change or Not to Change: The Crumpling Legal System’, in Nyaw Mee-kau & Li Si-ming (eds), The Other Hong Kong Report 1996 (The Chinese University Press, 1996), pp 13-32
  • Edward Tyler, ‘The Legal System’, in Joseph Cheng (ed), The Other Hong Kong Report 1997 (The Chinese University Press, 1997), pp 15-28

Further reading

  • Yash Ghai, Hong Kong’s New Constitutional Order: The Resumption of Chinese Sovereignty and the Basic Law, 2nd edn, Hong Kong University Press, Hong Kong, 1999
  • Glanville Williams, Learning the Law, 13th edn, Sweet & Maxwell, London, 2006
  • Johannes Chan & Yash Ghai (eds), Hong Kong’s Constitutional Debate: Conflict over Interpretation (Hong Kong University Press, 2000)
  • Priscilla Leung & Zhu Guobin (eds), The Basic Law of the HKSAR: From Theory to Practice (Butterworths, 1998)


The Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (1990)

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