Reading List for Hong Kong Constitutional Law

  • Georg Brunner, “The Functions of Communist Constitutions: An Analysis of Recent Constitutional Developments” (1977) 3 Rev. Soc. Law 121-153
  • Johannes Chan, “The Jurisdiction and Legality of the Provisional Legislative Council” (1999) 27 HKLJ 374
  • Johannes Chan, “Some Thoughts on Constitutional Reform in Hong Kong,” 34 (2004) HKLJ 1
  • Johannes Chan, “Civil Liberties, Rule of Law and Human Rights: The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in its First Four Years in Lau Siu-kai (ed) The First Tung Chee-hwa Administration: The First Five Years of the HKSAR [Hong Kong: Chinese University Press, 2002]
  • Albert H. Chen “The Concept of ‘One Country Two Systems’ and its Application to Hong Kong” in C. Stephen Hsu (ed.) Understanding China’s Legal System: Essays in Honor of Jerome A. Cohen (New York: New York University Press, 2003)
  • Albert Chen, “The Concept of Justiciability and the Jurisdiction of the Hong Kong Courts” (1997) 27 HKLJ 387
  • Albert Chen, “The interpretation of the Basic law – common law and Mainland Chinese perspectives” (2000) 30 HKLJ 380
  • Albert H. Y. Chen “The Constitutional Controversy in Hong Kong Spring 2004,” 34 (2004) HKLJ 215
  • Chen, Fu & Ghai (ed) Hong Kong©s Constitutional Debate: Conflict over Interpretation (2000)
  • Yash Ghai, Hong Kong©s New Constitutional Order: The Resumption of Chinese Sovereignty and the Basic Law (2nd ed. 1999)
  • Hurst Hannum and Richard B. Lillich, “The Concept of Autonomy in International Law” in Dinstein (ed.), Models of Autonomy (1981)
  • Ma Ngok, “Executive-Legislative Relations: Assessing Legislative Influence in an Executive-Dominant System” in Lau Siu-Kai (ed) The First Tung Chee-hwa Administration: The First Five Years of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (The Chinese University Press, 2002)
  • S. de Smith, Constitutional and Administrative Law (7th ed. 1994), p3-13,
  • Nwabueze, Constitutionalism in the Emergent States (1973), Chapter 1
  • Benny Tai Yiu-ting, “The Development of Constitutionalism in Hong Kong” in Raymond Wacks, The New Legal Order in Hong Kong (1999)
  • Benny Y. T. Tai, “Chapter One of Hong Kong©s New Constitution: Constitutional Positioning and Repositioning” in Ming Chan and Alvin Y. So (ed.) Crisis and Transformation in China©s Hong Kong (M.E. Sharpe, 2002)
  • Benny Tai, “One country two systems: the two perspectives” (2002) Macau Law Journal (Special Issue) 143-163



The Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (1990) Sino-British Joint Declaration on the Future of Hong Kong (1984)


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  1. l0stie says:

    Hey are there textbooks for this subject or are the journal articles enough for passing the pcll constitutional law exam? If anyone got a good txtbook and want to sell it please reply :)

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