Reading List for Criminal Procedure

Texts and Materials

  • Criminal Litigation in Hong Kong, Christopher Knight and Anthony Upham (3rd Ed), Thomson Sweet & Maxwell Asia. ISBN 9789626614211
  • Criminal Procedure in Hong Kong – A Guide for Students and Practitioners, Amanda Whitfort, LexisNexis – Butterworths
  • Criminal Procedure – Trial on Indictment, Andrew Bruce S.C., Butterworths
  • Magistrates Court Manual, Audrey Campbell-Moffat, Sweet and Maxwell
  • Criminal Procedure Handbook, Butterworths
  • Sentencing in Hong Kong, Cross and Cheung, Butterworths
  • The “Statement of Prosecution Policy and Practice”, issued by the Department of Justice, should be read for an insight on the criteria for prosecutions.
  • A working knowledge of the “Rules and Directions for the Questioning of Suspects and Interviewing Witnesses” is also necessary.


  • Court of Final Appeal Ordinance (Cap.484)
  • Criminal Procedure Ordinance (Cap.221)
  • Magistrates Ordinance (Cap.227)
  • The websites of The Department of Justice, The Hong Kong Police Force and the ICAC (Independent Commission Against Corruption) are also useful sources of background information.


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  1. l0stie says:

    I’m thinking of buying amanda whitfort’s textbook Criminal Procedure in Hong Kong – A Guide for Students and Practitioners I heard that’s what they use for the actual pcll course. Anyone have one to sell? Or know where I can buy it from? Cheers

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