Land Law

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  1. susan21 says:

    Has anyone passed land law and have notes I can buy? I heard the passing rate of land law is really low ~ is it true? I heard that it’s like 50% fail is it true? Any advice would be really appreciated thanks!

  2. jerry says:

    Ye susan land law is one of the toughest i heard, my friend had to do it 3 times before he passed it. Apparently all the textbooks are really hard to understand and he only passed cos he got some really awesome notes from this pcll notes website.If you wanna pass I suggest you get some notes. Oh and he said the worst part is that its closed book so you gotta memorise everything~ so its good to have notes for that I guess

  3. susan21 says:

    OMG really ~ I don’t have time to fail it cos I want to get into PCLL asap for my training contract. Which notes did your friend use, can I buy it online or off him if he still has it? Thanks so much!

  4. susan21 says:

    I just realised its closed book as well! OMG I have NEVER done a closed book law exam before how do i memorise all the cases and legislation? That’s crazy! How did your friend do it?

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