PCLL Conversion Course

Some providers offer preparatory PCLL Conversion Courses for those intending to take the PCLL Conversion Examinations. However, there is no requirement for a PCLL Conversion candidate to attend any PCLL Conversion course and attendance at these PCLL Conversion courses will not automatically grant competence in the PCLL Conversion Core and Top-up Subjects for the purpose of admission into a PCLL course.

Furthermore, these PCLL Conversion courses require attendance at the institution’s premises in Hong Kong and no distance education of any sort is offered.  This may not be very helpful for students currently overseas and travelling only temporarily to Hong Kong for the purposes of the PCLL Conversion Exams.

There are also other providers which offer study notes, summaries and guides to the PCLL Conversion Exams.  These are cheaper and less time intensive than attending preparatory PCLL Conversion courses as you can study at your own pace and in your own home, wherever that may be in the world and not necessarily in Hong Kong.  Some PCLL Conversion Notes providers have up to date notes and even model examination answers based on sample PCLL Conversion Exams.  These exam-focused notes and model exams are therefore quite useful for students to work out the essential legal principles and authorities they need to pass the PCLL Conversion Exams.

If you intend to take the PCLL Conversion Exams, you will need to submit the necessary applications and registered with the PCLL Conversion Examination Board.  Enrolment with a preparatory PCLL Conversion course provider or with a distance education provider does not also automatically register you for the PCLL Conversion Examinations.

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