Reading List for Evidence


  • Simon N. M. Young, Hong Kong Evidence Casebook, Sweet & Maxwell (Asia), 2004 (ISBN 962 661 264 9)
  • Butterworths Hong Kong Evidence Law Handbook 2nd Edition. 2005. LexisNexis/Butterworths (ISBN 962 8855 56 5)
  • Cross on Evidence, Wellington:LexisNexis NZ, 2005
  • Colin Tapper, Cross and Tapper on Evidence, Oxford University Press, 12th Edition 2010


  • Evidence Ordinance (Cap 8 )
  • Criminal Procedure Ordinance (Cap 221) Magistrates Ordinance (Cap 227)
  • Rules and Directions for the Questioning of Suspects and the Taking of Statements 1992
  • Hong Kong cases


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